Training & Consulting

Winning more Insurance Sales

Winning More Insurance Sales Program is designed for providing sales staff with the critical steps and techniques to enhance their financial advisory and consulting capability with the target of strategizing successful sales activities, achieving higher business results as well as growing the overall customer portfolio. During the course of the program, participants will experience learning and application of various skills to practice selling in a simulated case content to which participants have to respond and react as in the "real work context". In addition to case studies and skill exercises, frequent facilitator-led discussions require participants to apply what they are learning to the case and to other practical examples.

Insurance or Investment Sales Executives & Managers


  • Best practices on selling Insurance products

  • Key process steps and techniques to advance from the current practice of selling and become more proficient in probing customer's untold needs and present solutions with tailor-made benefit statements

  • Critical skills for not only serving the customers with the highest satisfaction but handling the objections and difficulties for closing more sales


  • Linking Customer Attributes with Insurance / Investment Products

  • Buying Behaviors of Insurance / Investment Customers

  • Building Lead-in Conversation for Helping the Customer to Visualize his / her Financial Needs

  • Discovering Skills for Fact-finding the Customer's Financial Needs

  • Objections Handling Skills for Transferring the Customer's Worries into Trust


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