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Mastering Project / Event Effectively

This program focuses on key practices and issues relating to the four key event management phases namely "Planning", "Developing", "Executing" and "Evaluating" as well as on human dynamics which are critical success factors in event management, such as communication, influencing, gaining consensus, problem-solving, meeting, coordinating, adapting, dealing with change and team-building. During the course of the program, participants will experience learning and application of various skills to manage unexpected changes and overcome challenges in a simulated case content to which participants have to respond and react as in the "real work context". In addition to case studies and skill exercises, frequent facilitator-led discussions require participants to apply what they are learning to the case and to other practical examples.

Managers and Officers who need to manage projects and events successfully and professionally


  • To manage events and routine corporate operations with clearly defined purpose under specified scope and boundaries

  • To address the importance of adapting to various styles and cultural background of key constituents including key sponsors, influencers, co-workers, primary and secondary customers

  • To analyze communication needs and plan appropriate communication strategies throughout the event based on the specific information needs of the various constituents

  • To execute the implementation plan that incorporates major milestones, corresponding tasks, and sub-tasks, and achieving optimal results within specific timelines and resources

  • To identify and eliminate risks to successful event implementation by using a variety of problem-solving strategies at the task and people relationships

  • To evaluate success and ensure a full-picture reporting on implications and interpretation of event outcomes into ongoing corporate operations



  • Defining the profiles and behavioral styles for effective event/project management

  • Planning with strategically defined POA and communication approach

  • Developing the budget and resource plan with key milestones and target achievements

  • Executing the project/event successfully by facilitating necessary change and problem solving

  • Evaluating success by documenting reports and soliciting feedback for continuous improvement


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