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Leading for Success

Traditionally, leadership has been viewed as the responsibility of senior executives. Today's leaner, flatter organizations are emphasizing more on the shared leadership approach that is applied throughout the organization by managers and team leaders. Any organization that learns how to share leadership responsibilities with first-line and second-line managers will be more effective in moving strategy into action and will respond more quickly to the challenges of rapidly changing markets and tougher competition. This program covers both classical and contemporary leadership skills that enable participants to be consciously competent in their role and practice effective thought, change, and people leadership to directly impact organizational success.


Business Unit Managers, Professionals, and Supervisors


  • To aware of the successive links between organizational challenges and individual leadership effectiveness

  • To recognize the patterns and components of Effective Leadership Models for not only to learn the skills on analyzing the task-specific readiness of themselves and their subordinates, but also to develop a consistent set of comprehensive and up-to-date, yet practical, leader behaviors as the fundamental dimension for achieving the next level of success

  • To focus on personal agility to lead and enhance the productivity throughout the organization with focuses on managing rapidly changing and challenging business environment as in the role of a contemporary leader

  • To apply effective team leadership skills as major responsibility of managing human energy for creating or reinforcing high performing work culture

  • To develop a self-enhancement plan to improve their leadership behaviors


  • The Leading for Success Model - critical Leadership competencies for meeting today's challenges

  • The GROW Model for an Effective Thought Leader

  • The ACT Model for an Effective Change Leader

  • The FAST Model for an Effective People Leader


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