Training & Consulting

Handling Objections & Optimizing Sales

When an objection is appropriately handled during a sales process, the customer will not only be engaged effectively in a win-win negotiation, but you will also be able to achieve the desired outcome of gaining more business return. More importantly, you will build collaborative, long-lasting relationships with your customers. During the course of the program, participants will experience learning and application of various skills to handle objections in a simulated case content to which participants have to respond and react as in the "real work context". In addition to case studies and skill exercises, frequent facilitator-led discussions require participants to apply what they are learning to the case and to other practical examples.

Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Sales Executives, and all Frontline Sales Staff


  • To perceive objective tactics effectively and neutralize them

  • To handle objections appropriately while aligning customer attention on the product values and benefits

  • To deflect personal, hostile, or irrelevant objections and questions by re-establishing common interest

  • To use critical tools and techniques properly for overcoming objections legitimately and productively


  • Identifying Different Types of Customer Objections

  • Facilitating for Decision Making with Benefit Statements

  • Probing for Customer's Underlying Interest and Needs

  • Developing Tailor-made Options with Values Stories Telling

  • Concluding Key Benefits for Assumptive Closing


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