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Effective Client Management

Effective Client Management is one of the critical winning elements for surpassing any challenges and retaining the leader position in the new era. During the course of the program, participants will experience learning and application of various skills to manage client relations and overcome challenges in a simulated case content to which participants have to respond and react as in the "real work context". In addition to case studies and skill exercises, frequent facilitator-led discussions require participants to apply what they are learning to the case and to other practical examples.

Managers and Executives who need to strategize and manage relationships with clients for only to sustain but also to widen/grow the business spectrum


  • To build the strategic mindset of handling client management with critical tactics as a winning culture for continuous business growth

  • To identify the individual strength and areas for improvement to become more effective in handling and analyzing the client accounts for more profitable business opportunities

  • To enhance the core capabilities in order to manage all major and key accounts with the maximum competitive advantage


  • Strategic Importance of Effective Client Management

  • Individual Proficiency in meeting Client Management Challenges

  • High Impact Client Management Process
    > Analyzing the Client's Corporate financials
    > Developing the Business Goals and Plan
    > Making Strategic Business Calls and Visits
    > Managing the Sales Pipeline
    > Supporting for Mutual Business Growth


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