Training & Consulting

Consultative Telephone Selling

The effectiveness of telephone selling and marketing is critical to the success of any business. Other than involving customers in face-to-face selling and service interactions, frontline sales staff will definitely increase overall sales results by effectively capture selling opportunities over the phone. This workshop will provide professional telephone selling skills with intensive skill practices and integration of key processes in telephone selling. The key focus is to increase the sales closing rate with the highest level of proficiency to handle different types of customers in any difficult and challenging scenarios.

Frontline Salespeople who need to drive and close deals over the phone


  • To understand the strategic difference and importance between telephone and face-to-face selling

  • To use the telephone selling process for gaining long-term relationships and close more deals

  • To understand the different buyer's types and adapt to each style and connect with customers by thinking and responding as a business consultant

  • To deal with difficult objections and advance the competitive differentiation of your product and company services

  • To practice the optimal telephone selling tactics and develop a development plan for continuous improvement


  • Prioritizing and integrating call schedules with sales pipeline and strategies

  • Arousing the customer's interest within 30-seconds of call opening

  • Moving the customer along the sales cycle by repertoire of skillful questions

  • Engaging customer with tailor-made benefit statements and impressive presentations

  • Handling objections with compelling offers to solicit customer's commitment


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