Training & Consulting

Call Centre Management


Today, Call Centres have explosively contributed to the growing business phenomenon, especially in the banking and finance industry, and become one of the profit-increasing management stratagems. To maintain the sustainable advantage that makes your call center stand out to be world-class, it is inevitable to have a systematic and organized approach that allows the management of call center operation to focus on achievable goals and achieve the best possible results from available resources. This workshop focuses on topics like call center management excellence, reinforcement, and development of call center leadership skills and attributes for leading and motivating call center team performance.

Call Centre Managers and Supervisors


  • To appreciate and define the appropriate business strategies that make the world-class Call Centre

  • To understand the major roles and critical cycle in call center management

  • To acquire the skills and knowledge for a successful call center manager

  • To build up a business-driven quality assurance plan for the Call Centre operation


  • Linking business challenges to the success of Call Centre management

  • Creating a world-class Call Centre with value creation/differentiation strategies

  • Managing the Call Centre with successful tools and technology

  • Leading the Call Centre with effective staffing and competency models

  • Growing the Call Centre with a quality assurance program


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