Training & Consulting

Building Value-Added Service Culture

The existence of a value-added services culture establishes a solid foundation to support the on-going development, communication, and implementation of sales strategies and tactics necessary to meet the company's strategic objectives. It is especially true when the service leaders are accountable for sales performance. The service leaders have to cultivate a service culture where the service team is at ease in providing good service to both internal and external customers. They have to coach staff on service performance from a system (quantitative measures) perspective as well as a feeling (customers feeling delighted) perspective. A mindset of customer service as an integral part of business strategy is also important. This workshop is designed to create managers' awareness of the importance of their leadership role in service quality. It also aims to develop their competence in leading the service teams to make customers feel delighted.

Service Leaders and Supervisors


  • To understand the effects of customer service on overall business performance

  • To develop a simple service system for managing service performance

  • To coach staff in a service environment


  • The Essentials of Service Culture Development

  • Developing a Service Innovation Plan for enhancing integration with business performance in different servicing channels

  • Increasing confidence in performing coaching role with a selection of service-specific coaching skills


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