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Building High Performing Team

In order to sustain the market leader position in this hyper-competitive business world, it is imperative to build a collaborated and high-performing workforce. This workshop will help participants advancing skills and strategies to close the cultural gap, overcome business challenges, identify cultural and communication barriers, especially for officials who are working in multi-national and cross-cultural companies and need to collaborate with co-workers of different locations and areas.

Officers and Managers who need to collaborate with co-workers of different location/culture


  • To acquire the skills and ensure understanding the way in which people think, act, and communicate differently, that leads to awareness of cultural differences while protecting business values

  • To develop mindset and skillset with stresses on terms of reference, geography, and politics in helping frame an in-depth understanding of cultural behaviors and attitudinal values

  • To acquire communication skills to improve information flow, increase responsiveness, resolve culture-induced conflicts, and build a climate that welcomes diversity

  • To work on a local basis need to develop cross-cultural skills toolkit in order to improve people and organizational competitiveness


  • Critical skills in managing and working with co-workers and subordinates of different values and belief system to achieve team effectiveness and improve performance results at work

  • Different strategies and techniques for communicating with people of different cultures in order to get the point across, motivate and give feedback beyond cultural boundaries

  • Essential elements for resolving conflicts and driving innovations to accomplish tasks and improve relationships with co-workers


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