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Achieving Customer Service Excellence

Customers nowadays want to be delighted, not just satisfied. They want their expressed as well as their unexpressed wishes catered to. They expect proactive rather than reactive services. They want service providers to read their minds, rather than ask questions, get feedback. They care not only about the product they get but the process through which the product is delivered i.e. service. They want to be well- informed and feel good regardless of whether their needs can be met or not. They are conscious of value; they want good value for money. They want caring and individualized attention, an experience of feeling special. This workshop is designed to rejuvenate the participants with a heightened awareness of the key contributors to making customers feel delighted. The awareness will be transferred to practical skills through role-play and practice.

All Frontline Customer Service Staff


  • To reinforce the key elements in building a positive first impression

  • To position the corporate winning edges and make customers feel special with their service

  • To project a caring service image through empathetic listening

  • To create an awareness of your own professional knowledge level and build creativity in resolving challenging service scenarios


  • Understanding the dynamics and hierarchy of customers' value

  • Reinforcing key elements for giving the greatest first impression

  • Making the customer feel special with the corporate winning edges

  • Listening with care and empathy in order to understand and meet the needs of the customer better

  • Resolving problems and handling challenging scenarios with service innovation and knowledge creativity


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